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Post by AGENT_CLARET » Thu May 18, 2023 9:13 am

Poolish pizza dough recipe for x4 pizza base's -12 inch

Make the first part around 3 to 4 days before you need it

333g of 00 flour Asda ect sell this
333ml (333g) of tepid water
4g of dried yeast

Mix this by machine (best way to get air into the dough and stretch the gluten strands) or by hand but it takes a lot longer around 15/20 minutes, place the wet poolish dough into a big container with a lid or cover with cling film and it will at least double in size.

On the day you are making the pizza mix into the wet poolish mix another 333g of 00 flour and 133ml (133g) of tepid water and 14g of salt, roll into a big ball place back into the container and leave for at least 4hrs

Half hr before needed dived up into 4 and hand roll into balls, pre heat the oven to the max heat for about 15 minutes then hand stretch the dough, don't use a roller it knocks all the air out of the dough. I use a pizza shovel to place mine into the oven onto a pizza stone but you can put the pizza base onto a tray and then into the oven, if you use a pizza shovel place some dry semolina on first it makes the pizza slide off better.

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