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Post by Colburn_Claret » Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:12 pm

The entire board resign en masses, the noose was tightening as the investigation into the dodgy finances gains pace.

I wonder where this leaves the Super League, have they just lost another cog.

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Re: Juventus

Post by conyoviejo » Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:17 pm

Football is rife with corruption and dodgy deals.Apart from watching the Clarets I don't watch any other matches.
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Re: Juventus

Post by GodIsADeeJay81 » Mon Nov 28, 2022 10:19 pm

Weren't they one of the main supporters of the European super league idea?
Agnelli is also a big fan of his club getting into the CL based on past achievements ahead of other clubs.

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